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Mid Canterbury cricket have developed extensively over the past 5 years with an increase of over 100% in playing numbers since the 2007/08 season. This growth can be attributed to the efforts of all those volunteers within the clubs, schools and the association who tirelessly give of their time to offer varied playing opportunities to players at all levels.

Junior cricket in Mid Canterbury is strong with five clubs boasting well-organised junior sections. Senior cricket has come on well in the last few years with the next season shaping up to be a keenly contested one. Twilight cricket is proving to be very popular with an 8-a-side T20 format played on Monday evenings during the summer months. This will continue again next season, with games played on the Ashburton Domain. Any business or group of players interested in participating should contact Mid Canterbury Cricket for more information.

We cater for all ages and abilities with the following options available for junior cricketers:

Have-a-go (5-7 year olds/boys and girls) ' This is a fundamental skills programme with the emphasis on cricket skills. Giveaways are available at most sessions including a bat and ball. Contact your nearest club (listed on our advert) or your school may have a centre operating.

Kiwi/7th Grade (8 & 9 year olds/boys and girls) ' This is also a fundamental skills programme with more advanced skills being taught. The players also learn the game format in 7th grade, which is played on Friday evenings with a soft ball, where all players get an equal opportunity.Giveaways are also available including a wooden bat next season. Contact your nearest club or your school may also operate a centre.

6th Grade (9 & 10 year old) ' This is the first grade where players use protective equipment and hard cricket balls. Games are played on Saturday mornings and the format used ensures that every player gets an equal opportunity to learn the game in match conditions. Contact a club for details.

5th Grade (10 & 11 year old) ' The format of these games is very similar to the 6th Grade mentioned above, although the games are slightly longer. Games are played on Saturday mornings as well. Contact a club for details.

4th Grade (11-13 years old) ' Games are 40 overs-a-side, played on Saturday afternoons. Contact a club for details


Garfield Charles




All junior and senior clubs are to check the website regularly for fixtures and results. All results are to sent to the CEO by Monday 12.00pm following your match. There is valuable information for your club posted under the clubs menu on pitch preparation, running a club and recruitment and retaining players.


Have-a-go and Kiwi Cricket

More information will be circulated once the various Have-a-go and Kiwi Cricket Centres are up and running.

If you would like any more information contact Garfield on 021 532 393